Church of the Resurrection, Beyoğlu, Istanbul

The Church of the Resurrection (also known as Pera Diriliş Kilisesi) is a Turkish speaking Anglican Congregation that came into being in 2006.  The congregation is led by a Turkish Anglican priest.

The Congregation is made up of people who live in Istanbul and want to express their Christian faith through being part of an Anglican Church.  The Church is part of the Church of England Diocese in Europe.  The congregation includes Turks and foreigners. The few foreigners that attend enjoy the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of Pera Diriliş and help contribute to the growth and development of the congregation through the music, drama and preaching ministries in the church.

Pera Diriliş is a vibrant, young congregation that is seeking to develop  an Anglican congregation that is Christ centred, outwardlooking, relational and growthful.  Our mision is to create a Christian congregation that is faithful to the beliefs and values that have been handed down to us and that the Risen Christ will be made known through the development of new leaders and an unpretentious worship .


If you want to get in contact with us please click on İLETİŞİM (contact us) and write to us via the e-mail form.  We meet at 11:30hrs on Sundays.


Our Address: Emin Cami Sokak, Aynalı Çeşme Caddesi, Tarlabaşı, Istanbul


To find us turn down Anyalı Çeşme Caddesi that is to the right hand side of Euro Plaza Hotel on Tarlabaşı.  Walk down the street and turn right into Emin Cami Sokak.  The church is just after the German Protestant Church on the right.


We look forward to welcoming you at one of our services!


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